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Simovations is a healthcare education and biotech startup fueled by the notion that the simplest solution is almost always the best... and almost never the easiest. Developing simple innovations requires skill. Our team of surgeons, engineers, educators, and innovators is dedicated to the pursuit of elegant, effective solutions to the complex problems that face patients and healthcare professionals alike.



Founder. Inventor. Surgeon.

Dr. Hecht is a pediatric urologist and kidney transplant surgeon at Children's Hospital of Colorado. She completed her undergraduate studies at Yale University and medical studies at University of Michigan Medical School, where she received the prestigious Dean's Merit Scholarship, a full tuition merit-based recruitment scholarship. She moved to Portland, OR to complete her urological surgery residency where she won multiple performance, academic, and teaching awards. In Portland, she found her calling caring for children, and went on to pursue additional training in pediatric urologic surgery at the Children's Hospital of Colorado. Over the course of her training, Dr. Hecht has apprenticed under master surgeons and innovators including John Barry, Daniel Dugi, Duncan Wilcox, and Alberto Pena. 

"When you ask a question and the answer is complex, usually the real answer is 'I don't know.' Simple explanations require deep understanding."


Prototype Engineers

Inworks is an innovation initiative of the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. A home for creators, thinkers, designers, and makers, we're a collaborative community of learners and leaders committed to solving humanity's most pressing problems.

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